Our team at J. Brandt Enterprises specializes in quality, refurbished used heavy semi-trucks and trailers. Since 2005, J. Brandt has grown and expanded from two truck bays and almost exclusively family run to 10 heavy truck bays with 30 employees doing truck service, detailing, painting, engine rebuilding and day cab conversions. We continue to strive for the best service possible in our line of work. Our trucks have crossed provincial, international and state borders to satisfied customers.

We are committed to a high standard of quality as the trucks are put through the shop, front to back, in two separate inspections including: oil samples, fluids and filters changed or checked, frame blasted and painted with quality PPG paint, new visor, bumper, rear fenders, new brakes and tires plus a deep clean detail and shampoo is always included. In addition to that, we also can do horsepower boosts, transmission upgrades from 10 speed to 13 and 18 speeds, frame lengthening or shortening, installing wet kits, adding 3 or 4 way differential locks, custom exterior painting, custom exhaust and a whole lot more.

Most trucks are sold with a new Manitoba Safety, which will meet or exceed most provincial safety standards and our in-house exit checklist. J. Brandt Enterprises has now opened its doors to the general public. Our quality service shop is now available for you to bring your heavy truck for Safety Inspection, general maintenance and mechanical diagnostics and repair, cosmetic upgrades and conversion to day cab for grain or gravel box.

Day Cab Conversion

We are well experienced in removing bunks and closing off the cab in such a way that will impress you. We have a variety of kits available from a straight back wall to a Fat Boy kit that will give you an extra 5 inches inside the cab. Day Cab conversions are an excellent option for farmers looking for a more versatile highway tractor, with less maintenance, better rear visibility and better fuel economy.

Day Cab conversions also open the possibilities for frame stretching or shortening and mounting of a new grain, silage or gravel box. These boxes are top of the line manufactured in Manitoba. A variety of options are available from 18 to 21 foot, regular grain box or silage box with higher sides and full lift gate. Gravel boxes usually come as 16 feet, made with special high tensile steel and built to last.

Heavy Truck Service

J. Brandt Enterprises has had the opportunity to recruit a very diverse workforce that is capable of handling most any mechanical, technical and greasy job a heavy truck could ask for! Given the time, we are able to get it done right. Here is a run-down of the work we do on a regular basis:

Each truck gets the following regular service work:

  • Oil analysis reports
  • Oil and filter change
  • Brakes and drums
  • Shocks and air bags if showing fatigue
  • ABS System service and repair
  • Differential service and repair
  • AC and Cooling Systems Service and repair

Then there is the next level of service for Heavy Trucks:

  • Engine diagnostics
  • Engine service and repair
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Manual tranny service and repair
  • Manual tranny rebuilds
  • Differential rebuilds
  • Rad service
  • Manual tranny upgrades from 10 speed to 13 and 18 speed
  • ECM diagnostics
  • ECM programing
  • Differential Lockers upgrade to 3 or 4 ways
  • Wet line kits Install and Service

Heavy Truck Detailing

Most of our trucks get a full treatment of exterior and interior detailing. Starting with front to back aluminum polish jobs for all rims, tanks and boxes. When the need arises, we can also buff exterior paint surfaces to restore the original paint color.

The interior deep clean includes shampooing of all carpets and fabric surfaces. Eliminating most, if not all, of the odors usually associated with used equipment. Dash surfaces also get cleaned and restored to show room shine.

Customized Accessories

Trucks that come from J. Brandt Enterprises can usually be picked out and recognized on the road by the type of additional touches we put into them! Starting at the front, most trucks will get a new bumper, brand emblems and logos, front Harley fenders which are our very own design and custom manufactured for us, new mud flaps, light bars, stainless visors, roof lights, exhaust systems like straight pipes or 8 to 10” exhaust shields, cab and bunk skirting, rear SS half fenders, rear light bar with LED lights.

All these accessories are now available to you for purchase. We have a full line and access to a huge supply of great hardware that can transform your truck into a one-of-its-kind king of the road!

Paint & Body Work

J. Brandt Enterprises is well recognized on the road by our signature paint schemes. We do all our painting in-house, which gives us the flexibility to produce quality work. We only use PPG Industrial exterior paint solutions. Delfleet Essentials, Delfleet Evolution and AUE370.

Most trucks that come into our shop for resale get the frame sandblasted and repainted with Quality and Durable high wear & chip resistant paint.

PPG Delfleet Evolution top coat is the premium choice for fleet paint and the ultimate in performance and durability, meant to last in the harsh environment truckers find themselves in.

PPG Delfleet Essential top coat is a more commercial grade and value minded solution but still quality, durable finish and excellent performance.

PPG AUE370 is our main top coat finish for all truck frames. It’s an industrial polyurethane top coat meant to last in the tough conditions between the wheels of a heavy truck. Gives a high build, chip resistant frame paint. We also offer this paint on any of our trailers that we sell.